Stress-free day

A fun-filled day can quickly turn into stress or even panic when parents lose sight of their child. Parents should be focused on having fun and not on what happens if their child wanders off. The whole family should be able to enjoy a relaxing and stress-free day out together. This is where The Kidslocator steps in.


The KidsLocator is a combination of a lightweight wristband with a Bluetooth Low Energy beacon, hotspots and an app that allows parents to always keep their child(ren) in sight. With the application they see both the distance and in what direction their children are located but they can also see their child(ren)s location on the area map of the place they visit itself. Inside or outside and even through walls, the parents will always be able to pinpoint their child’s location.

where to use the Kidslocator

The Kidslocator is for families and groups with children that want to enjoy a fun day out or a carefree holiday and is ment to be used by them at the locations they visit.


Naturally it is for parents and caretakers who are responsible for children, but only at places where parents like to give their children more freedom but the risk and fear of losing them out of sight is bigger. This makes The Kidslocator perfect for the locations below:

How it works

The Kidslocator is a tracking system for children that consists of a fun trackable wristband for children to wear, an app so parents can see the location of their child and/or if it is in range and a network of hotspots which pick up the wristbands signal and send it to the cloud server. For more information about what each of these ‘element’ do you can best follow the links below or go to solutions to learn more

  • The hotspots

    Used to show the childs location around the park.

  • The Cloudserver

    Used to connect the system, send information to the app and collect relevant data.









Intro video

We had parents test the Kidslocator on several locations. While their children love the bright colors and love to see “their own personal app” parents can reduce the chance of losing their children and enjoy the day with a secure feeling in less then 2 minutes.This video shows how it works.

We are proud to announce the FtS Kidslocator won the innovation award 2016.

I would like to thank the team and everybody else involved.
without their dedication and support this was not possible!

Jelger van Heerden

Founding Director

Read about the award in the media:

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