The Kidslocator application

Parents and caretakers use the (customized) app to keep sight of their children. The wristband will be paired to the application after which the childs profile can be made.

The app has the following properties:

  • show kids

    The application shows where the children are and even were how long ago. It does so on the childs profile page, the children overview page and it shows its picture on the map.

  • Child profile

    After the child is paired to the application a profile can be made. In the base this profile contains a photo, gender and age of the child. From this profile parents can manage the child settings.

  • follow from everywhere

    The child can be literally followed from all over the world as long as it’s in the ‘geofenched’ area and the parents have an internet connection for their smartphone or tablet.

  • Out of range

    Parents can set an allowed range so children can’t stray too far

  • Location

    Parents can see at what location or attraction the child is.

  • Restricted area’s

    Parents can choose to qualify certain locations and area’s as ‘no go’. For example the exit or the pool and receive an alert if the child goes there anyway.

  • Push notification.

    Parents can choose to receive a push notification if they child strays too far, if the child leaves or arrives at an allowed location or if a child is at a area it is not allowed to go.

  • Unlimited children

    The amount of wristbands that can be paired with the app is unlimited, this means there is no limit to the amount of children that can be followed by the parent(s) and or caretaker(s).

  • map option

    The application uses the map of the park, no google map is required. This way we can point out the attraction or location where the child is itself and it also makes it easy to recognize that location for the parents.

  • Custom design

    The application can be designed with your corporate identity and so fit the look & feel of your park.

  • Shared app

    The app offers to possibility to be shared with other devices. This way both parents can keep track of the child.

  • Alert park

    In case of emergency the park can be alerted and the profile, photo, age, gender and where it was last seen how long ago will be send to park management to help the search.

  • Background scan

    In case of an emergency the park management can activate a silent background scan on all smartphones with the Kidslocator app installed. If one of the smartphones picks up the signal, the location will be send to the park management and to the parents of the child.

  • All platforms

    As the basis the application is available for iOS and Android but it can be made available for any operating platforms wished for.

  • All mobile devices

    The application can be used on both smartphones and tablets.