The kidslocator wristband consists of a Bluetooth beacon in a silicon casing which can be attached to any kind of wristband. The wristband will be paired to the application after which the childs can be kept in sight with a smartphone or tablet.

The wristband has the following properties:

  • Strong silicone casing

    The casing is made of strong silicon material which makes it flexible but also weatherproof and ‘child proof’.

  • available in all colors

    It comes every existing pms colors. This way you can choose for colors that appeal to children or for example the colors of your corporate identity.

  • custom print

    The silicone casing can be provided with a custom print, this can be your logo or any image wished for. Wristbands will be printed separately.

  • combined with all kinds of bracelets

    The silicon casing can be attached to any kind of bracelet. Either it is your existing, a tyvec, vinyl or textile bracelet anything goes. It can even be attached to clothes, a bag or a belt.

  • Waterproof

    The casing is waterproof and can be used to swim with.

  • Small size

    It has a very small size: 31x41x13 mm (1,2 x 1,6 x 0,5 inch)

  • light weight

    It also has a very light weight: 12 grams (0.42 ounce)

  • Low energy consumption

    We use Bluetooth Low energy beacons and thanks to the sleep mode the coin cell battery has an extra long life. It does not need to be turned off or recharged. If the battery is low it gives a warning and the battery can be changed easily.

  • Auto reset

    After it is handed in it will automaticly reset so it can be paired to an other child again.