The Kidslocator hotspots

At different locations in the park small receivers will be placed to create hotspots and pick up the signal of the beacon. This way parents can keep track of their children and see at what location their child is.

The hotspots have the following properties:

  • location

    A hotspot is an area in which a child can be located.

  • follow from everywhere

    Hotspots connect to the internet so if a hotspot sees a wristband parents can see it from anywhere in the world.

  • Communicate with the Cloud server

    Sends the signal of the beacon together with extra information about the ‘obversation’ to the Cloud server.

  • record data

    The hotspots records certain data of the visitors. For example it can see and record at what time a child arrives, how long it stays and what time it leaves a certain location.

  • small and compact receivers

    The gateways (receivers) placed at hotspots are small and compact. they won’t be noticed by your visitors.

  • Size of a hotspot

    The receivers can be set in different range and so hotspots with different sizes can be created.

  • Outdoor

    The receivers used to create hotspots are weather proof and therefor can be used both indoors as outdoors.

  • Power

    Hotspots can be powered by the electricity network but can also be powered by small solar panels.