The Kidslocator Cloudserver

The cloudserver receives information from the hotspots, telling them what child is where at what moment. This data will be send to the parents app but is also stored in a database to map information about the visitors and their behavoir.

The cloudserver has the following properties:

  • Linking the elements

    The cloudserver makes communication between the different elements of the Kidslocator possible.

  • Information from hotspot

    If a hotspots sees a child it sends this information to the cloudserver to process.

  • reports the childs location

    The cloudserver tells the parent with the app if, when and at what time the child is seen at what location.

  • Visitor profile

    Cloudserver combines and gathers information from the app on the devices and the hotspots to create a visitors profile.

  • Data and statistics

    The cloudserver gathers data and makes statistics of the visitors behavoir.

  • Dashboard

    The data, statistics and reports in the cloudserver can be accessed by means of a dashboard.

  • Usefull data

    Reports of the data can be used for park manangement or for marketing purposes.

  • Accurate data

    The more users of the kidslocator the more accurate the collected data and statistics in the cloud server.

  • Non personal data

    The data is in accordance with legislation, no personal data or identity will be safed.